Full Size Blue High Pressure PPR Pipe For HAVC And Chilled Water

1. Name: Blue High Pressure PPR Pipe
2.Material: Korea Hyosung
3. Size: 20-125mm
4.Color: Green,Gray,White
5. Working Pressure: 25bar (PN25 2.5Mpa)
6. Work temperature: -20℃-110℃
7. Application: Water Delivery,Water Drainage

Products Details

.Corrosion-Proof & Non-Fouling: Resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion. Able to avoid the pipe’s fouling or blocking as well as the blemish, rust on basin and bath. 2. Heat Preservation & Energy-Saving: Excellent heat insulation features, minimal thermal conductivity which is only 0.5% of the conductivity of metal pipes. 3. Less Weight & High Strength: Its proportion is only 1/8th of metal pipe’s, with pressure-proof strength up to over 5MPa(50kg/sqcm),high tenacity and impact resistance. 4. Beautiful Appearance & Higher Flow Capacity:Smooth inner and outer surfaces, less flowing resistance, soft color and beautiful figure.
Full Size Blue High Pressure PPR Pipe For HAVC And Chilled Water   Onboard ships and offshore structures the right HVAC system is most important for a well controlled climate and the comfort of passengers and crew The system needs to be planned and designed in the best possible wayconsidering the type of vessels, health, safety, and environmental aspectsto ensure safe and efficient operation. In case of chilled water units andabsorption chillers, there is usually a long-distance pipe network connectingthe cooling plant with the air handling units in the cabins/workspaces or withthe electric equipment cooling units The typical medium for energy transport is water or a water/glycole mixture, mainly to avoid large refrigerant pipe systems. In some applications,seawater can be used as cost free coolingng medium. For these challengingapplications it is very important to select the right pipe system aquatherm blue pipe, available in dimensions from 20 to 160mm, is thebest choice due to its chemical resistance allowing a service life up to 100years in sustainable operation conditions. Compared to metal or GFR pipes,polypropylene pipes feature lower weight which can help to reduce fuel costs
SDR Dimensiond(mm) Wall Thicknesss(mm)
7.4 20 2.8
25 3.5
32 4.4
11 32 2.9
40 3.7
50 4.6
63 5.8
75 6.8
90 8.2
110 10
125 11.4
160 14.6
Product Name: Blue High Pressure PPR Pipe Product Name: Ppr Water Pipe In Many Specification With Low Price
Application: Indoor Water Supply Color: Bule With Four Wider Stripes
Port: NIngbo,Shanghai,Dalian Or As Required Material: Fusiolen Ppr

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