54mm 63mm 75mm Double Protection Pe UPP Pipe for Fuel Petrol Station

1. PE pipe for fuel petrol station construction 2. Size:  54mm,63mm, 75mm 3. Struction: Double protection 4.  Connection: Electrofusion 5. Standard: EN14125-2013 6. Material: PE100 with EVOH resin barrier  

Products Details

Product Name:  HDPE Pipe FLW (Double Protection Buried Pipeline(non-conductive Static) Coils Application: petrol station
Struction: Double Protection Coils: FLW Buried Pipeline(non-conductive Static) Coils
Straight Pipe: FLW Buried Straight Pipeline(non-conductive Static) Coils Material:  PE and PL Virgin Material
CHUANGRONG  FLW buried pipeline system advantages:   1.  Double protection,Zero penetration:FLW oil pipeline system eliminates the possibility of fuel Spills into the environment, thus protecting the soil and water from pollution effectively.   2. Safe and efficient installation, Low cost:FLW oil pipeline welding uses intelligent welding machine which lets double pipe connected completely. FLW oil pipeline system is without concrete trench and installation costs is greatly reduced.   3. 24 hours monitoring:FLW petroleum pipeline system has a leak detector, the pipeline for 24 hour monitoring. Once leaked, Indoor monitoring system will alarm.   4. Collision,Puncture,Tensile,Anti-ground motion capability.
Product Code Description
FLW-54EC6 OD54mm single layer pipe, 50m/Roll
FLW-63EC6 OD63mm single layer pipe, 50m/Roll
FLW-65/54EC6 Outer pipe with OD65mm,Inner pipe with OD54mm double layer pipe, 5.8m length
FLW-75/63EC6 Outer pipe with OD75mm,Inner pipe with OD63mm double layer pipe, 5.8m length

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